Friday, October 4, 2013

Pilates For Rehabilitation

Pilates For Rehabilitation

If you have suffered any kind of injury then you need to find some form of rehabilitation. Without it you might be causing more damage to your body without even being aware of it. The reason for this is simple. If you are to carry on with an injury without seeking rehabilitation then you will have an imbalance in your body which will cause further problems.

Take for instance a bad knee - if you have a bad knee then over time it might go away on its own, but in leaving it you can often cause other problems. First of all you are not going to be as steady on your feet and this means immediately that there's a chance you could trip and fall over and hurt yourself more. Then on top of that if you have a damaged knee then there is a good chance that you could end up not using it as much for a while as you place more weight on your other leg and this in turn could cause you to end up losing muscle on the damaged leg and developing more muscle on your good leg. On top of this constant limping can end up changing your posture and end up with your pulling a muscle or damaging other parts of your body.

All this is something that Pilates can greatly help with. The reason for this is simple - Pilates is focused around improving posture and helping you to maintain a good stance and that means that you can use it to avoid getting a bad back or letting one injury progress to become more at.

When you do Pilates the focus is on posture and controlled movement and to this end the practitioner is taught to be aware of their whole body at all times and the way they move. An example of this is how you stand, in Pilates you are taught to roll your shoulders back and bring your chest out which can help to prevent slouching and the back problems that might come with that. Similarly when you are sitting up or lying down, in Pilates you are taught to do so by 'rolling' the spine and feeling as each of your vertebra open and close. Simply being aware of your body in this way can help you to avoid causing a problem such as a trapped nerve which can be highly painful and debilitating.

But that's only part of the benefit of Pilates. At the same time this is a great way to exercise and tone and strengthen muscle. Pilates exercises include such things as controlled sit ups, leg raises, small squats and more which test the muscle in a very low impact way. This allows someone suffering from an injury to continue training and to maintain their muscle mass and strength without having to go running or lifting weights. Say you have a bad knee then or a bad shoulder, narconon fresh start provides you with a very gentle way to continue training without hurting yourself, and at the same time strengthening the area and circulating blood to it can help to speed up recovery.

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