Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Addiction of drugs and alcohol has become one of the most serious traumas our generation is suffering from. Many rehab centers are available across the world offering their services to recover from this worse thing namely called substance abuse. It is also deplorable to know that most of the people never considered alcohol a drug any more. But surprisingly 4% of deaths in the world are due to addiction of alcohol. Basically all rehabilitation centers focus on one main objective that is reintegration of an addict to his normal social and personal sober life. Sunshine summit lodge is one such rehab center among the hundreds rehab centers serving addicts and substance abusers worldwide.

Sunshine summit lodge; a rehab center with its prime focus of restoring addicts to the lasting sobriety, is located in the San Diego County of California. Its highly ambitious staff and the supreme quality of treatment given to addicts are the featured characteristics of this center. Addicts here are treated not as patients rather they are considered clients and students here. They are referred as graduates once they accomplish the complete phenomenon of recovery. Here, in this sunshine summit lodge, the clients are given personalized treatment which means that addicts are taken as subjective issue rather than being considered as objectives. It is obvious that psychologically every addict may suffer from different problems. Thus personal approach to the problems and sufferings of a client helps therapists to treat every individual client privately and personally, so that his recovery can be made lasting and forever.

Here in this center, a unique method to cure an addict is implemented. Unlike reducing the quantity of drug an addict was used to, an addict’s body is detoxified. This withdrawal to the drugs depicts various consequences, but it is believed that remains of drugs reside in the tissues of body. Body purification through sauna and spa is performed increasing the hunger of a client and making it possible to release the residues stored in the fatty cells of tissue. This process usually takes a period of 3 to 5 months, yet it has been assured by the sunshine summit lodge that once the patient gets cured here, there are no chances of his relapsing back to the addiction for 6 months coming after the treatment.

Drug addiction is worse because it snatches not the physical but also the mental and spiritual control over the body of an addict. An addict feels restless and loses his control over his actions when he feels the need of a particular substance. When addicts are brought here, they are taught the ways to make decision, the sit-ups and other recreational activities provided in this lodge teach clients the skills to lead a happy life after restoration. Life skills courses enable clients to address to their problems finding the ways to come out from difficult questions and problems. The therapists and the staff of Sunshine Summit Lodge supervise its clients at their beck and call. 
Remarkable features of sunshine summit lodge makes it trustworthy rehab center with a highly acknowledged success rate of 76%. Clients here get the superb and excellent treatment with a confidence of not falling back a prey to this major stigma known as drug addiction once they get a complete recovery.

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