Monday, July 29, 2013

Narconon Fresh Start

Sunshine Summit Lodge is serving as a life savior institution for drug and alcohol addicts through its Narconon Fresh Start program. The lodge is situated near the famous Warner Hot Springs in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County, offering a calming and pleasant atmosphere for the patients. The cozy lodge covers an area of 40 acres at the soothing countryside locality and provides its clients with an inviting home style feel by facilitating them with plenty of recreational areas, leisure activities, medical services, legal services, educational life skill programs and much more.

Road to a Life-saving Success

Narconon Fresh Start is a verified rehabilitation program that comprises of many stages and is very well thought-out program. It is laid out in a precise step by step sequence to obtain the best optimal results. This road to true recovery is through a difficult path, but with the proper guidance and treatment plan of physicians, counselors and case supervisors and with the most appropriate rehabilitation expertise it can is successfully accomplished.

Life Detoxification Program removes the drug residuals within the body and from the implementation of Life Skills Courses, which aids to attain good behavior and conduct the patients, restore to healthy and happy drug free life.

Ensuring Fitness through Healthy Activities

Sunshine Summit Lodge is facilitating its clients with all sorts of healthy activities that promote healthy competition accompanied with leisure, fun and entertainment. Participants are encouraged to participate in all such recreational activities. The facilities that are enjoyed by the participants at Sunshine are of numerous kinds ranging from games to occasional trips to town. The sports and games events provide the participants the best opportunity to play and work together as a team which eventually flourishes the social interaction among peers.   

State of the art Facilities and Services

Sunshine provides its clients every facility that they can expect at a rehab center. The clients can take advantage from the availability of Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) during their stay at Narconon program. The center has proficient and efficient staff that can help the clients in all issues during their stay. The Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) is responsible for arranging and transporting the clients to local doctors or dentists in order to handle any current or pending medical or dental conditions that may arise during their program.  Thus Narconon program has made every possible arrangement to facilitate its clients.


From medical facilities to behavior modification plans, every stage of Narconon rehab is superb and gives the best results. The plan does not end here but it provides the graduates with the opportunity to server as internee that guarantees a successful career in rehabilitation services. After completing the rehab program at Sunshine Summit Lodge, the graduates from Narconon program not only abstain from alcohols but prove themselves to be a useful member of society.

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